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Scientific Paper

Publication date: 2023

Genetic drivers in the natural history of chronic lymphocytic leukemia development as early as 16 years before diagnosis

Describes the natural history of CLL using multiple technologies, including the EuroClonality-NDC assay.

Scientific Paper

Publication date: 2022

A novel next-generation sequencing capture-based strategy to report somatic hypermutation status using genomic regions downstream to immunoglobulin rearrangements

Describes a novel method to detect somatic hypermutation in IGH using the EuroClonality-NDC assay.

Conference Abstract

Publication date: 2022

Genotyping and Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Assessment in cfDNA By the Euroclonality-NGS DNA Capture (EC-NDC) Panel in Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL)

Application of EuroClonality-NDC for cfDNA genotyping and MRD analysis in MCL.

Scientific Paper

Publication date: 2022

Immunoglobulin/T Cell Receptor Capture Strategy for Comprehensive Immunogenetics

A more technical description of the EuroClonality-NGS DNA Capture (EuroClonality-NDC) assay, with step-by-step instructions and tips.

Scientific Paper

Publication date: 2021

Validation of the EuroClonality-NGS DNA capture panel as an integrated genomic tool for lymphoproliferative disorders

This is the main manuscript by the EuroClonality-NGS Working Group describing the validation and performance of the EuroClonality-NDC


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