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EuroClonality-NDC assay

The EuroClonality-NDC assay allows you to detect immunoglobulin and T cell receptor rearrangements, translocations, mutations and copy number alterations in a single test.

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An integrated tool covering
most genomic alterations

The Myeloid-NDC assay is intended for the integrated detection of chromosomal translocations, copy number alterations and mutations in AML, MDS and MPN, from just 100 ng of DNA.

About Myeloid-NDC
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By encompassing all our NGS assays into a single universal workflow, you can achieve higher economy of scales and faster turnaround times for all your samples, irrespective of cancer type or laboratory throughput.
It’s that simple: 1 universal protocol, up to 8 bespoke assays, 2 days laboratory work, 1 day analysis… all done!

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EuroClonality-NDC assay

Our first product, the EuroClonality-NDC assay can detect IG/TR rearrangements and translocations, sequence variants and copy number alterations, all in a single test.

Designed and developed by the EuroClonality-NGS working group.

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EuroClonality-NDC assay

Myeloid-NDC assay

Our first 2024 product, the Myeloid-NDC assay is intended for the integrated and qualitative detection of chromosomal translocations, copy number variants (CNV) and sequence variants from suspected or confirmed cases of myeloid malignancies.


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Myeloid-NDC assay


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